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The essential result of procrastination has been the failure to simply write. I love to write. I know to end up with anything good or bad, I have to write. But days turn into weeks and weeks into months and still I’m not writing. Knowing my personality and track record, my inclination is a need to know from the beginning what the end will be. And that inclination keeps me from starting and certainly completing anything. I become consumed with the totality of the what, forgetting that the process is a necessary part of the what, (the end product).  Therefore, I am determined to embrace the process detached from the end and simply enjoy it. After all, it is the writing that I really enjoy.

With the determination to begin, the only question is what. C. S. Lewis provides simple clarity, but therein lies my difficulty. I am for the most part, so eclectic and incomplete in my interests that I am forever distracted by the shiny thing and often pulled off course, if indeed there ever was one. I was reminded of this several times recently while creating an online profile that asked me to fill in the security questions. They asked things like “What is the title of your favorite book?”, or “Name your favorite hobby?”, or simply to choose “Where would you most like to travel?”

It took me several minutes to come up with answers to these deep probing questions, at least answers that felt strong enough to recall at a future time. I’ve put answers down often that months later I can’t seem to recall. What is my favorite book? Type type type, enter. “Your response does not match our database” is the reply. Apparently that book was not the clear winner.

So here I am. I know I must start, I know I need to speak from my true interests, and I need to be focused. But more than all of these, for me, I need to enjoy the process. Enjoy the process, and enjoy the ride wherever it may lead.

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